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Craizy Daisy

On 19 November i did the yearly product shoot for Martinet and her team at Crazy Daisy in Bloemfontein. It is always a pleasure to go and take photos there. Apart from all the lovely food and products they are a very sufficient team and also very friendly.

I did the shoot on location with a Nikon D3 and a Nikon 200 mm F2 and a Nikon 105 mm f2.8 lens. For photos like these i always opt for the prime lenses for the extra bit of image quality. Zoom lenses just don’t give the same sharpness, saturation and contrast.

Setting om my camera were plain and simple. Aperture priority with the highlights function activated on my screen so i can see whats is going on. Then i just kick the brake and petrol by spinning the back wheel on my camera to the left and to the right. To do this go to your settings and set to auto exposure compensation. By doing this you don’t have to press the button in front and turn the back wheel on the camera. You can set your exposure by just turning the back wheel. On normal if you turn it to the right or ant-clockwise it will under expose and to the left or clockwise it will over expose.

White Balance on Auto with one notch to the left to add a bit of blue. ISO vary between 200 and 640. All the images were taken with available light only.


Corporate Portraits

On 19 November we took some photos of model Stephanie. These photos are to be sold on stock image banks, such as Istockphoto, to Advertising companies across the globe.  We tried to create a corporate feel to the portraits as we felt that Stephanie have the perfect look for such photos.

The setup in the studio was quite basic ,as always (I believe in ‘less is more’).  We used a white background with two studio lights on it and overexposed the background with 1.5 stops. One must always be carefull not to overexpose a white background too much (more than 2 stops) since the stray light shining into the lens will make the photos look dull and a  flat.

At the back right hand side I placed a Studio light fitted with a snoot aiming directly at Stephanie’s hair.  From the front left I used one Studio light fitted with a 1m Softbox (quite close to Stephanie’s face) and from the the right hand side a big white polystyrene board throwing some light back into her face. Stephanie was standing 3m from the background.

I used the Nikon D2X and the 70-200mm F2.8 lens. The settings were 1/125sec at F14  and a ISO of 200. The White Balance was set on 4800 Kelvin.


Copyright on the image remain the property of Superimage Media

Food Photography

Tuesday 11 November I decided to shoot a few stock images.  We decided on fruit and this time on a black infinity table instead of the normal white surface. I used a basic food photography light setup in the studio based on two Elinchrom lights fitted with a softbox on each.  


1.  Black infinity table

2.  Nikon D3 with 105 F2.8 Macro lens

3.  Elinchrom studio light with 1m softbox

4.  Elinchrom studio light with 0.5m softbox

5.  Big white polistyrene board 

6.  Fruit


My setting on the camera were 1/125 sec at F32 on ISO 500.




Copyright on images remain the property of Superimage Media.