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Wat gebeur – 2010

2010? Wel ons is nog aan die gang en besig. Op die oomblik met al die junior swem en atletiek byeenkomste tot einde Maart. In April doen ons die Nasionale Swem kampioenskappe in Durban.

Einde April en Mei maand bied ek ‘n basies en gevorderde fotografie kursus aan. Die aanvraag is ongelooflik en ons moet reeds ‘n tweede klas aanbied vir die basiese kursus.

Met die internasionale sport en ook op provinsiale vlak vat ek dit ‘n bietjie kalmer as in 2009. Die eenvoudige rede is dat die mark vir die fotos net te beperk is in SA soos ek alreeds verduidelik het in vorige posts. Ek doen wel ‘n paar super 14 wedstryde vir  Sportzpics en Photosport in NZ in die nabye toekoms en sal dan sien wat later die jaar gebeur.

Op die trou front lyk dit baie goed en die bookings vir die res van die jaar lyk goed en tel nog steeds op.

Ons het gister Sentraal Hoërskool se Top 20 Atletiek byeenkoms gedoen en moet sê dit was ongelooflike atletiek met van die land se beste junior atlete teenwoordig.  Hier ‘n hekkie foto wat ek geneem het tydens die byeenkoms.


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Usain Bolt – Jamaica

Usain Bolt made history by winning the 200m in a new world record in a time of 19,19 sec. at the World Athletic Champs in Berlin today. What is more interesting is that Jamaica so far has won five gold medals.

For a country so small this is quit remarkable. i got this stats from the Internet which will give you an idea how small it really is. I would say about half the size of the Freestate.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494, Jamaica remained a Spanish colony until captured by the English in 1655. It gained its independence in 1962, and is an important force in the tourism economy and politics of the Caribbean. 

It’s about the size of the U.S. State of Connecticut, and measures 4,400 square miles. It’s 145 miles from east to west, and 20 and 50 miles from north to south.

Jamaica is dominated by mountains, mostly covered with lush, green forests. Blue Mountain is the highest point, at 7,402 feet. 

 White beaches surround this tropical island, and over 100 small rivers (mostly streams) flow from the mountains to the Caribbean coast. 

 Located 95 miles south of Cuba, Jamaica is known for many things – but certainly on top of any list are the numerous idyllic beach resorts, local pirate history, Reggae music, culture and food, and of course, delicious Blue Mountain Coffee. 

Quick Facts and Figures 

arrow Official Name Jamaica 

arrow Capital City Kingston (590,000) 

arrow Languages English, Creole 

arrow Flag and description here 

arrow Official Currency Jamaican Dollar 

arrow Currency Converter here 

arrow Religions Protestant, others 

arrow Population 2,772,000 

arrow Land Area 10,830 sq km (4,181 sq miles) 

arrow Latitude/Longitude 18º 15N, 77º 30W 

arrow Highest Point Blue Mountain (2,256 meters) 


Caster Semenya – 800m Gold medalist

A storm burst round the head of 800m Gold Medalist Caster Semenya after her gender was in question and the IAAf asked ASA that she must undergo a gender test to confirm that she is actually a women.

“We condemn the way she was linked with such media speculation and allegation, especially on a day she ran in the final of her first major world event,” said Gideon Sam, president of South Africa’s Olympic governing body.

Semenya, 18, won the 800m final in 1minute 55.45 seconds in Berlin on Wednesday, shortly after the International Association of Athletics Federations announced she would have to undergo a gender test.

The verification test, which takes weeks to complete, requires a physical medical evaluation, and includes reports from a gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychologist, an internal medicine specialist and an expert on gender.

Gender testing used to be mandatory for female athletes at the Olympics, but the screenings were dropped in 1999.

One reason for the change was that not all women have standard female chromosomes. In addition, there are cases of people who have ambiguous genitalia or other congenital conditions.

The most common cause of sexual ambiguity is congenital adrenal hyperplasia, an endocrine disorder where the adrenal glands produce abnormally high levels of hormones.

Hereby a image i took in 2008 at the SA High Schools Athletic Championships in Rustenburg.

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