CBL Lens

by Gerhard

Did Frances and Lenise’s wedding today at the Anglican Cathedral in Bloemfontein. Major Henry Warden, founder of Bloemfontein, laid the foundations of this wonderful Victorian building in 1850. The Anglican Cathedral is located in the east end of Saint George’s Street and is well worth a visit when in Bloemfontein. St Georges street is the street where Bloemfontein actually  started in 1840.

Also in St. Georges street is the First Raadsaal. This is a very modest building made of dung floors and has a thatched roof. This house once served as a church, then a conference chamber, a parliament house, school for the local children, and at one time it housed all of the city’s original civil institutions.

Here a few photos that i took in the Anglican Cathedral. I took a White Balance reading with a CBL lens and further used only available light. Camera used was a Nikon D3 and a 24-70mm F2.8 lens.