Nikon F5

Last week i painted the reception of my studio and had to took off my Nikon F3,F4 and F5 from the cupboard where they were used as a display. It’s a pity that the only use now for a lovely machine like the F5 is as a doorstop or in SA even as weapon.

I even put some batteries in the F5 and fitted my old Nikon 85mm F1,4 manual lens to it. The sound of the shutter bring back many memories. It’s the same as you would listen to Tell Me and Satisfaction of the Rolling Stones. When listen to songs like these you all of a sudden think about school parties in garages in Ladybrand 30 years ago

I look through my old files and came upon many images that i took with the F5 and with my old 600mm F4. I used the F5 from the end of 1996 till around 2001 when the digital era started.

From 2001 till the end of 2007 when the D3 came out was a really bad period for me in photography. I knew i had to turn digital to keep up with technologie┬ábut there just wasn’t a good enough camera on the market at that stage, well not good enough comparing to film cameras and one that performs the same way as the F5 did.

I must admit the D3 is a brilliant piece of equipment that out performs any camera that i used in the past any day. It’s just that sound of the shutter. I wish they can build a D3 that sound like the F5. Only the true Nikon users will understand this.

Here a few images that i found in my archive that i took with the Nikon F5 and Nikon 600mm F4 lens.

Alex Criville during the 2000 Moto Grand Prix

Lance Klusener during a one day test between South Africa and India in 1998.

Andre Venter during a Super 10 Rugby match between the Cheetahs and the Blue Bulls at loftus Versveld in 1997

The Haka – 10 August 1996 at Newlands Cape Town

Till Later