Nikon 400mm F2.8

by Gerhard

Got a mail from my photographer friend in the UK Matthew last week and it went like this;

“How are you using your lens, do you have a 400mm with a 1.4x converter ? It is very sharp if it is, I guess thats the advantage of Nikon over the Canon I use”

I answered him like this;

“At the moment i’m using the 1.7 converter on the 400mm which give you a 680mm F4.8. Then the camera can switch between full frame and a 1.5 conversion which give you a 1020mm F4.8.  So if i sit behind the pitch i’m using it on the 1020mm setting on the far side and on 680mm on the closest wickets”

Here an image of Graeme Smith on 15 November 2009 in the game between England and South Africa at Centurion.


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