Digital Images not Worth a Penny?

by Gerhard

For some reason or another people can’t understand that digital images are worth anything. They see it as a lot of 0 + 1’s on the computer that is worth absolutely nothing.

Magazines and Papers can’t understand why they have to pay me between R450 and R600 for a once of editorial usage. What they don’t consider is the fact that i use well over R200 000 worth of equipment to cover a rugby, soccer or any other event. Further i got over 25 years of experience taking action photos(since 1984).

What they normally suggest is that they will give me credit(my name) underneath the photo and in return i must give them the usage of the image for free. That way i will get some exposure and must see it as some sort of marketing. Just one question, who took the front cover of the Rapport yesterday? Yes i also don’t know because nobody except a few jealous photographers take a look who took the photos in magazines and papers. So this is no way of marketing and it is not going to buy me one liter of milk a month(don’t mind the R200 000’s equipment).

When we do Junior level tournaments the public can buy either the photo(A5,A4 etc.) from us or the digital image for R125. When you tell somebody he have to pay you R125 for the digital image such a person normally makes three “Flik Flakke” backwards, Gasp for air three times, Faint two times and after all this start screaming at you and can’t understand why he or she have to pay such a lot(R125) for a peace of crap(image taken with a Nikon D3 and a Nikon 400mm F2.8 lens with 25 years of experience at the back of it).

Then one(me) must stay calm and remember the first principle of business, ” The customer is always right”. Well normally at this stage i loose the tiny bit of business sense i got totally.

On a positive note. I took some images at the rugby on Saturday when the Cheetahs played WP and at the Soccer on Sunday when Celtic played Amazulu and got some brilliant shots. This is my life and this is what i love doing. Maybe someday i will came across somebody who is prepared to pay me for the use of my images what they are worth. If not i will still be doing it till the day i die.

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