Jordy Smith

by Gerhard

For you who don’ know who Jordy Smith is, he is South Africa’s top surfer at the moment. To read some more about him go to his website where you can find all the information you need.

I took some images of him in 2008 at the Billabong Pro in Jeffreys Bay at Supertubes, which is rated as one of the best surfing spots in the world.

I took the images with a Nikon D3 and a 400mm F2.8 lens and a 1.4 converter attached to it. Most of the time i’m shooting surfing on aperture priority with the aperture set to around F8. The reason for this is to get some of the wave in focus as well because this is so much part of the beauty of the sport.

Another setting which is always handy on the D3 when shooting surfing is the 3D – tracking system where the camera’s focusing system locks onto a color and tracks the subject by keep on locking onto this specific color. In rugby,soccer and other team sports it doesn’t work because there are for instance 15 players on the field with red jerseys.

Oh yes the main reason for using this 3D – tracking is so one can actually frame the surfer in the photo. Say it’s a off the lip shot you want the surfer in the top third of the image so one can still see the bottom of the wave and the other way round for a bottom turn.

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