Wynand Olivier – 164km/hr.

Early Sunday morning 23 August 2009 Wynand was arrested for driving at 164km/hr on the N1 near the Olifantsfontein off ramp. Here a image i took on 25 July this year in Bloemfontein during the test against the All Blacks.

I got the pan effect in Photoshop and basically this is how i did it.

1. Open image

2. Press control J to double layer.

3. Go to filters,Blur,Motion Blur and set to 100 pix.

4. Go to layers palette and press Mask.

5. Set front color to black.

6. Press Alt Backspace and filter effect will disappear.

7. Press B for brush and set relative big and press shift and left bracket a few times to soften brush.

8. Press X and start to brush blur effect on places where you want the effect.

9. Press Control Shift E to compress the layers.