Lyndon Ferns – 51,69 sec.

by Gerhard

On 12 July Lyndon Ferns set up a new SA record in the 100m Butterfly event at the Speedo Prestige Gala in Durban in time of 51,69 sec. I got a few shot during the race at different settings.

The first image is shot just after the 50 m turn which show a classic Fly photo. Taken with a Nikon D3 and 400mm F2.8 lens set on aperture priority an the settings were as follow.

1/800 sec.


ISO; 5600


After this i switched to Shutter priority to get the next pan shot as he passes me. The settings were as follow;



ISO: 400


Then i switched back to Aperture Priority get some celebration shots after the race. The settings were the same as the first photo. Just one tip. Set the shutter speed at which you want to shoot at when you Switch to Shutter Priority before the race because there won’t be time during the race for that.

You can use this technique in any sport to get free zed images and panned photos in the same race or movement. On the D3 it’s very easy. When you’re in aperture priority just press in the mode button and turn the main command dial one step to the right or anti-clockwise. It will then be in Shutter Priority. If you press in the mode button and turn the command dial one step to the left or clockwise it will be back in aperture priority.


Then i made this layout in photoshop to add a bit of flavour.

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