Speedo Prestige 2009

by Gerhard

The Annual Speedo Prestige Swimming Gala started today. All the big names in South African Swim like, Gerhard Zandberg,Cameron vd Burgh,Kathryn Meaklin,George du Randt, Chad Ho and all the rest are here putting in some last preperations for the World Champs in August in Rome.

Here a image of Gerhard Zandberg during his warmup. I went up to him and ask him if i can take a couple of shots. He took two starts and i came away with this image taken with a Nikon D3 and a 10,5 mm F2.8 Lens.

Gerhard Zandberg01

This image of Mike performing with his Air Guitar during the opening ceremony. Mike is the owner of the Tuck Shop at the Kings Park Swimming pool and a real legend in swimming circles. Air Guitar by the way is a massive art/sport over seas and they also got a world champs being held every year. Photo taken with a Nikon D80 and a 17-55 mm F2.8 Lens.

DSC_0015BlogSwimming galas not only produce nice action shots but there are also opportunity’s for great portraits.  Here a image taken before a race when the swimmers waiting for the race to start.

2409 003The next photo i took after a race. When a event got overhead starts the swimmers that finished the previous race have to hang on the lane ropes till the next race have started before they may get out of the pool.

2413 331bEven lane ropes with the right lighting can make nice photos.

2415 002At the Kings Park Swimming Arena in Durban there are a lot of glass windows which let in some available light. At certain times of the day one can get some special effects from this by using it as a spot light or even as backlighting. Here such an photo taken at the start of a race.

2415 004Another image taken with some available light coming through a window. Legendary Sports photographer Walter Looss Junior once said that his best photos he didn’t took at the Olympic games and at World Cups, but rather at small events or even in Mexico taken pictures of kids playing soccer and softball in the streets.

2415 019