Rocklands Township – 23 June 2009

It is 22 June and a day before the Semi Final of the 2009 Confederations Cup Soccer in South Africa between Spain and USA in Bloemfontein. All the media guys(there are hundreds of them) try to kill some time by doing something positive in Blommies. Anesh(photographer from Durban) , Chris (Journalist from Durban) and me head out to Rocklands,Township just outside Bloemfontein to go and take some kids in the streets playing street soccer.

I was very sceptical to go because it was near freezing point in Bloemfontein with a cold front passing through. Driving into Rocklands it was very  quiet with not much going on as expected. After we spot a few kids we stop and ask them if we can take a few photos.

The word spread quickly and in a few minutes there were enough kids to keep us busy for ten days.

What amazes me the most was how happy these kids are. They got absolutely nothing and haven’t got hang ups about a 14-24 mm Nikon lens that they want to buy or the new 13″ Mac Book Pro that’s out. They just enjoy them self by playing soccer with a ball that got a hole in it as big as a tennis ball.

SokkerThe kids were more than willing to pose for us and i really got some nice images with my D3, 10.5 mm lens and a SB 900 flash using it with a cord off camera.

Kinders-01After a while this old lady walks by and i ask her if  we can take a few photos. These people really like photos taken of them.

Ou VrouThen this old man walks by. He was very friendly but give me just one photo and of he went. Enough of this #$% and mad people with these funny stuff in their hands.

Ou ManIn a Cookka shop near by these two guys, sitting close to there Konka to keep warm, are selling anything from Pap en Sous to Oranges. This is how they make a living and keep them self busy. Can you imagine some days i’m complaining that i have to take to many photos or work to hard.

Cooka shopAfterwards we head of to Carramellos for a Coffee and a Scone with Jam and Cheese. It was a great experience and maybe something that will keep me humble for a while. I still can’t understand how people can be so happy with so little.