Tungsten White Balance

by Gerhard

On Wednesday 10 June i went down to Durban to cover the Sharks vs Lions game(see previous post).  I did not pick up my accreditation the day before so i had to get it on match day at the main gate from some volunteers who will be there the whole day giving out these passes.

Out of experience  i know this is a photographer’s worst nightmare come true. To sort it out calmly i went to the stadium at 14h30(the kick off was only at 19hoo). Well as expected nobody in sight with passes. After 45 min. i sorted it out after luckily spotted Ryaan Adriaanse , one of SARU’s media officers. Anyway i still were on the field at around 15h30.

So after i sorted myself out in the media room with some water and cooldrink, started up my laptop, sort out my WiFi(which eventually didn’t work) i took my D3, 10,5 mm fisheye lens with a  SB 900 flash attached with a cable to the camera head out to the field to see if something is happening(the security gaurd and me were the only people in the media room). Well at three and a half hours before kick off not much were going on except a few camera crew sorting out their cameras but in the one corner i saw this guy sitting reading and recognise him as the guy on the TV(Supersport presenter Tony N’Doro)

He was busy preparing for the match and after asking him if i can take a few images(he didn’t mind at all) i got away with this shot.

Setting on D3;

Program mode 

Exposure: – 1 stop

White Balance: Tungsten

Picture control: Vivid -1

Flash: SB 900 on TTL + 1 stop exposure attached with cable to camera. On the front i put a orange filter to compensate for the tungsten WB. I held the flash to the left of his face with my left hand and shoot the camera with my right hand(Cowboy Steenkamp Deluxe). 

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