March/April 2009

by Gerhard

The last 2 months were really hectic and i’m so glad to be back home and do just some normal stuff like writing this post. Apart from covering the SA Primary Schools(see previous post) we also covered the SA Masters(East London), Level two Aquatic Champs(East London), Level One Aquatic Champs(Durban), SA High Schools Athletics(Durban), SA National Aquatic Champs(Durban).

In between i also did a wedding and some soccer and also the Cheetahs vs. the Brumbies in Bloemfontein.

Through all this and thousands of photos later it is impossible to take out two or three photos and say this are my best shots of the month. Never the less here are two photos that i certainly like very much.

2353-170blog Carmen Wessels during the 100m Breast at the SA Nationals in Durban. I used my Nikon D3 and a 400mm F2.8. I pressed the shutter just before Carmen brakes the water to take a breath.


Chad Ho during the 1500 m Freestyle at the SA National Champs in Durban. I used my Nikon D3 and a 400mm F2.8. I used a slow shutter of  1/45 sec to get the pan effect.