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Month: February, 2009

Keypoints in Sport Photography

When photographing any sport it is very important to know the keypoints where one must take the photo.  For instance in gymnastics there are some holding positions and some transitions that a gymnast must do and perform because this is what he or she is judged on.  In athletics all the different items got some keypoints which look nice on a photo and in most circumstances will display how correct the technique of the athlete is.  For instance in the javelin item one must take the shot when the athlete is performing the crossover just before the throw itself.  In most items there are more than one point where one can take a photo.

To take the photo exactely at the right point take a lot of practice and a motodrive on a camera normally doesn’t help because you want just one photo and that is the right photo at the right keypoint.  In 1984 i bought a book called Action Photographers and in that book Tony Dufffey (Founder member of All Sport now called Getty Images) wrote one must take a certain sport or item so much that it became really slow in the viewfinder. At that stage i didnt really understand but years later round 1993 i first experience this when i did a lot of athletic photos and experience this slowmotion effect in the hurdler items when taken the athletes right on top of the hurdles.

The photo below i took on 21 February 2009 at a South Freestate schools athletics meeting. I used a Nikon D3 and a 600mm F4 lens. My setting on the camera were 1/800sec at F4.5 and ISO – 500. Oh yes and remember if you see the keypoint through the viewfinder then you know you have missed it because the shutter will be close when you take it exactely at the right point.




Wedding Photography Part 1

Over the last 15 years wedding photography became a big part of my life. One of the most common questions people ask me at weddings is if i don’t get tired of still taking photos at weddings.  My answer is always simple. As a photographer it is my passion to take nice photos and where can you find a better place and situation to do just this.  The people and specially the bride dresses up nicely,the table setting and even the church look out of this world, the people want nice photos and the best of all they paying me to take some nice photos for them. If you get tired of taking photos at weddings you just did to much in a short period of time or maybe you just doing it for the money and not for the love of taking nice photos.  My advice to young people starting of in wedding photography is to never do more than thirty weddings per year.  Rather do twenty weddings per year over a span of twenty years than fifty over 3 years because if you do over fourty weddings per year you going to hate photography after three years. You can take my word for it because there was a period of two to three years that i did to many and it nearly killed me.

If a couple want to book me for a wedding i always prefer that they must come and see me personally. This will happen approximately a year before the wedding. This meeting is just to meet the couple and sort out the package they want, sort out the deposit and write down all there details in my diary. About three weeks before the wedding i will meet with them again to sort out the detail of how and where we going to take the photos.  One thing that i always tell the couple is that i am more than willing to take some nice photos for them and will do my utmost best to do so but in return i want some cooperation from them in a sence that i need at least 45 min with the bride alone(without any other photographers nearby) and 45 min alone with the two of them again without any other photographers nearby which can get very distrackting.  It is very simple, if they give me the opportunity to taking nice photos i can try to do so but if they don’t then i can’t.  The rest of the wedding i don’t care and everybody can take some photos with there cellphones in between.

In wedding photography Part 2 i’m going to explain how one must break up a wedding in  four different phases and how much time one got to take photos during these phases. I will also show some examples of photos that i took and what i did to got the result.

Till next time.