The same guy again

by Gerhard

I started taking action photos in 1984.  In the beginning it was mostly photos of windsurfing and pictorial photos that went with the trips that we took.  What amazes me from those days up to now is that some athletes and players always have the tendency to pop up into your frame again and again.  From day one you just get nice photos of these athletes and on the otherhand there are always some players that you need some photos of and it just seem the you can’t get decent photos of these guys.  Sometimes it can take up to two years just to get a decent photo that one can use.

I remember how i always got some nice pictures of Gary Teichman former Springbok captain.  At some stage it felt that he was aware of the camera specially before the games when they were singing the national anthem.  On more than one occasion i got some photos of him staring right into my 600mm lens and completely felt that he was looking straight at me.  At the end of his career i made a limited edition poster with some of these photos of him( a Collage) that was disrtributed by the Shark Tank In Durban. Then there was Francois Pienaar, the captain just before Teichman, that i never got a nice shot of.

On 25 January Celtic FC played Royal Zulu FC in a PSL soccer match and beat them by 6 goals to one. I got this photo of Thabo Nthethe which is one of the players the past two years that always seems to pop up in my viewfinder.