Studio Fashion Shoot

On 15 January we took some fashion photos of model Debbie in the studio. For the photo below i used a four light setup to get the result. My main light was from the left which was a 1m softbox on a 500w Elinchrom.  From the back right i had a Bowens studio light fitted with a honeycomb filter aiming at her hair that gave the nice warm touch to it. From the right i had a studio light fitted with a snoot and a blue filter attached aiming to the left hand side of her face. If you look closely you see some blue touches on her face.  On the background i had a light fitted with a purple filter and by shining it on a white background a gave a little bit of purple touch to it. On the righthand side we used a big white polystirene bord to throw some light back into her face.

I used a Nikon D3 fitted with a 85 mm F1.4 lens. The setting were; 1/100 sec,  F10, ISO: 200, WB: 4750 kelvin and the picture control setting was on standard.  No sharpening or soft focus was applied to the photo. To be honest this is how the photo was taken with no alterations.