Super Seals Champs

On Friday 31 October and Saturday 1 November 2008 we covered the Superseals Gala and i once again realised why more than 70% of the photos i took for the last 11 years were of swimming.  The reason for this is the beauty of capturing the water and patterns it make when a swimmer is gliding through the water.  To do this one must use a shutter fast enough that freezes the water and a aperture small enough so that the dept off field is big enough. 

I used my Nikon D3 and 600m F4 lens with my settings as follow; 1/2000sec at F6.3 ISO: 1250. Picture Control setting were on Vivid.  With a bigger aperture say for example F4 the dept of field would have been to shallow and to little of the water would have been in focus.

And as in any sport there are always some nice photo on the side to be taken as the medals above and of cause the fellow below. Maybe someday he will swim for South Africa but at the moment he can’t understand why he is not allowed to go and play rugby with his mates

As with any photography late afternoon is always a good time to take photos because of the warmness of the light available.

The camera settings were 1/2500 at F6.3 ISO: 1250.


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