Meyer Bosman against the Boland Kavaliers

by Gerhard



On this blog I will publish a few photos each month and explain how I go about taking action photos and discuss different techniques.  You are more than welcome to give comments and ask questions.

The photo below was taken by me on 4 October 2008 in a match between the Cheetahs and the Boland Cavaliers. I used my Nikon 400mm F2.8 lens and Nikon D3  body.  The photo of Meyer Bosman, centre of the cheetahs was taken from the sideline and the settings on the camera was;

Exposure;  1/1000s at F5

ISO: 400

The 1000 of a second freezes the action and F5 was wide enough to throw the background out of focus. It was a little overcast with no direct sunlight which gave a nice soft light source.


Normally you won’t catch me standing up when taking rugby photos.  The low viewpoint adds to a more dramatic feel to the photos.

To take photos at big matches and arenas you have to apply for accreditation prior to the game.  In South Africa we apply for accreditation at SARU (South African Rugby Union) at the beginning of the season.  This accreditation applies for all the Vodacup, Super 14, and Currie Cup games. For the Tri Nation Tests and other test matches additional accreditation must applied for.

On a match day I arrive at the stadium 2-3 hours before the game to get a feel of the conditions and be part of the vibe in a stadium.  At halftime I will upload 4-5 photos on our website  for our clients with tight deadlines to quickly download the photo they need.

At the end of the game I will upload another 10 or more photos before exit and go and enjoy a beer.